Living in Antalya

Choosing the beautiful province of Antalya for life will be one of the best choices of your life. Antalya with its beautiful beaches, attractive and spectacular old texture, pristine and diverse mountainous nature, forest, and coastal province in southern Turkey and one of the most important destinations for migration to Turkey.

In Antalya, due to the tourist atmosphere and the constant movement of people of different nationalities and cultures, you are completely free to choose your lifestyle. In Antalya, religious people, non-religious people, from completely different religions and cultural spaces, live together peacefully. The people of Antalya have embraced different nationalities and cultural views and treat foreigners with respect.

Another advantage of migrating to Antalya is observing the standards of urban planning, beauty, and cleanliness of its urban environment. Access to the beach and recreational areas is possible from any part of Antalya with all kinds of public transport. Beautiful parks and cafes anywhere in the city for friends and family visits near you, and anywhere in the city you can enjoy the fresh air and green space.

On the other hand, Antalya province is one of the best areas for starting a business and economic activities due to increasing growth and economic prosperity. Any well-planned and precise economic activity in this region will be achieved more quickly.

Finally, we can say that Antalya with the best urban amenities has neither the shortcomings and problems of small cities nor the hustle and bustle of big cities. The cost of living in Antalya is lower than in Ankara and Istanbul, but in terms of services and facilities for a comfortable life, it has all the necessary standards.

But if you choose Antalya as an immigration destination, like immigration to any other city in Turkey, you will face many challenges and questions; Such as going through the process of obtaining a residence permit in Turkey, buying a property, renting a property, receiving health insurance, buying a SIM card, obtaining citizenship, getting a share of water, electricity, and internet, starting a business, finding a job, etc.

Irit Homes has come to be with you to start your life in the beautiful province of Antalya. Our consultants at Irit Homes will answer each of your questions in a comprehensive and complete manner and provide you with the best suggestions in each area.

With careful consultation and the provision of accurate and factual information, Irit Homes strives to complete and complete your entire accommodation process in Antalya Province, with the least cost and time.

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